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... and all being well (I'm touching wood here), it looks like my late Mum's house is under offer again. We had a reasonable offer made last Tuesday and although I had to negotiate the offer up a fair bit, we reached a good, and reasonable, compromise in the end.

The buyers are first-time buyers, in rented accommodation, and love the house so want to complete as soon as possible. We also want the deal to complete quickly so now we need to keep our fingers crossed.

I have already warned our conveyancing Solicitor that I'll be in touch with her regularly :wink: so she is very aware we don't want any un-necessary hold-ups.

My late parents worked hard to buy that house. For all the family it was the "hub" where we celebrated weddings, new babies into the family and held other family gatherings. It's seen myself and my siblings grow up, my parents' grandchildren arrived and then their great-grandchildren. As a result, we all have many happy memories. Naturally, some sad ones as well but thankfully the happy memories out-number the bad ones. Mum & Dad wouldn't have wanted the house to sit empty for too much longer; it's a family home and needs to be so again. Now, all being well, another family will have the chance to make their own memories there.

I am dreading having to go in to do the final meter readings. I have already warned Mum's immediate neighbour - (Terri is a lovely lady who has become part of our family as she took such good care of both my parents) that I'll probably be a complete emotional wreck when I have to walk down that front path for the last time. I know it'll have to be done but it won't make it any easier.



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    Grace I do feel for you ..its something most of us have done or will have to do..take all the lovely memories with you . and I hope it all goes through very quickly for you..x
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    It's a bittersweet moment, isn't it? I hope the sale goes through - please let us know. DD
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    Ah Grace not an easy time is it, but I genuinely hope the house is sold and goes through painlessly.

    I remember all this when my own Mum died. I have been back since just for a peek, she lived on the way to one of my very good friends, and it was upsetting even though I had never lived there myself.

    Your Mum and Dad's house is a family home and I have a feeling you are right that it should have a family in it again. Kids running about fun and laughter as well as some tears of course family life.

    My fingers are firmly crossed for you ((()))


    Toni xxx