Do you lot plan days like this..say yes so I don't feel lazy

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As it is Good Friday...I decided I would aspire to a pain free and pain killer free day.

I got up, wandered round in PJs, had some porridge, watched TV I had recorded, had a bath, ate some of the mini eggs I had purchased for my parents and brother (they are overweight anyway) and generally faffed about. Please tell me you lot plan days like this at Bank Holidays or weekends so I don't feel lazy :-)

Wasn't completely pain free - left help and ankle being annoying - but no co-drydamol means I can now have a G&T :-)

In my defence I had the day off work yesterday and I did go to Aqua Fit at my local sports centre.


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    In short, yes. Our bodies have to work harder to achieve what others do with ease - resting is recovery time and we need varying amounts as things ebb and flow. I no longer aim for pain duller-free days, for me that is an unrealistic aim and only makes matters worse. DD
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    Yes, definitely! We all deserve a duvet day every now and again!

    I'm a teacher (adults, not sticky children!) and don't get any full days off during term time, so by the time the holidays arrive I'm more than happy to have a couple of days doing absolutely nothing, just to recover a bit before the marking and planning gets going.

    As DD says, we need to allow ourselves recovery time, so don't feel lazy for enjoying your time off.
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    I've been doing that for the last 3 weeks!! I have extreme anaemia so feel totally drained. I fav about for an hour or two and then get lunch a drink and nibbles and head off to bed and watch some recorded telly! I even some days spoil myself with a P.J or onesie day!! :wink:
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    I fully intend to do as little as possible this Easter weekend, its given me a chance to catch my breath (so to speak), as I've had a rough 2 weeks with my knee.

    Yesterdy, I was just reading a good book and listening to Radio 2 and watched a film - total bliss.

    Were not lazy, we just need times to recover. Go enjoy those lazy days.
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    I spent yesterday wiring and taping sugar flowers for a wedding cake for tomorrow, today, will be finishing the knife spray, setting up and photographing said cake, and sending picture to couple. Then hopefully I will spend the rest of the day doing nothing. Just delivery and set up of cake tomorrow to do.

    Currently watching Monkey Business and have 2 more series plus all of the Monkey Life series to catch up on - that is my leisure.

    Am making a homemade raspberry trifle today - special treat, home-made cake leftover from wedding cake order.

    Would like to make some cornmeal pancakes, ( great recipe I discovered a couple of weeks ago in Deliciously Ella) later if I get time (and energy)

    Added bonus hands not hurting at the moment.
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    The military consider R and R to be important so that's good enough for me! Laziness doesn't come into it, it's an essential part of your personal health/arthritis coping plan....
    Some days I do plan, around work and other commitments, but others are thrust upon me. Tomorrow is likely to be one of the latter as I have managed to get a nasty cold on top of ongoing hayfever issues, and had rather a taxing day at work today as a consequence. As the weather forecast isn't too good it won't be that much of a trial - a chance to read and listen to the radio, rather than being out in the garden.