The Easter Arthritic Funfair

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Roll up! Roll up! Roll up, all you arthritic Cinderellas. You, too, shall go to the fair. Here's a selection of our rides designed just for you.

The Dodgyems
The Big Wheelchair
The Rollator Coaster
The Bouncy Crutches
The Not Much Funhouse
The Inflatable Slide into Disability
The Tea Cups and Meds
The Hook a TKR
The Shooting Up Meth and Humira Gallery

Just a selection of the many delights on offer. Please feel free to add more :D


  • Slosh
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    Great list
  • Airwave!
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    You missed out the Hip Hop Dance later on! and the late night film show for adults, 'The Last Tango in Paris, ever........' and Fifty Shades of Pills.

  • stickywicket
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    Oooh, Airwave, I love the last one :lol:
  • dreamdaisy
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    The merry not-go round.
    The merry-meds-go-round.
    The co-co-tabs shy.
    The hel- :wink: -ter skelter.