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Hello Everyone
I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in the knuckle of my index fingers. The right hand is much worse than the left hand and, of course, I am right handed.
My GP told me that at the moment there is not a lot he can do to help me as the condition is not inflamed etc.
Do any of you have any tips on how best to control the symptoms (diet, creams etc).
At the moment it is an uncomfortable pain that effects my grip, which seems somewhat trivial but any advice would be gracefully received.
Thank you


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    Hi David

    Welcome to the forums. I a one of the moderation team and we all have one or more of the arthritis "hangers on" or look after family members with the same.

    I am sure you will find support, help, suggestion, advice, light relief and friendship. There are many on her who have arthritis n their fingers and I am sure they can offer you some advice.

    If you post on the Living with arthritis section you will get more replies there as that is the main one people use. Arthritis care has several booklets and leaflets that you may find helpful. At the top[ of the forums you will see tabs that lead you to their pages.

    Best wishes
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    No, David, it's not trivial. There will always be people worse off than us but what we have affects us, sometimes a lot, and has to be dealt with. Please don't apologise.

    I assume you have osteoarthritis as you write of a GP (rather than rheumatologist) and lack of inflammation. It's good that you are keen to do all you can to help yourself. If you look at the dark grey menu above, you'll see a couple of tabs that might help you deal with things. Our basic tools are a good diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise (while not putting too much strain on the affected joints).

    I believe there is some evidence that cod liver oil tablets might help. ARUK have a very comprehensive page on food supplements here dealt with by an eminent rheumatologist. Do remember, if you decide to take any, to check with the pharmacist that there will be no interactions between both supplements and any prescribed meds you might be taking.
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    Hi David,

    I have recently been diagnosed with mild to moderate oesteo-arthritis in my hands, with the right hand worse affected. I find it crippling as I too am right handed and being unable to function is very hard.

    In some ways I am lucky that I have had problems for years since being diagnosed with my 1st chronic condition in 1999 and have learnt many ways to deal with limited or non-existant functionality lol.

    I have had carpel tunnel since 2004 ish with surgery on both hands in 2010 ( it was masked for a number of years due to all the drugs I take) and I think the arthritis probably started about 4 years ago and only really became increasingly worse over the past 2-3, with this last winter being extremely challenging.

    The things I have found to help are golden paste (turmeric recipe from Turmeric users uk facebook page) which suppresses the pain (steriods also do this but have nasty side-effects and am trying to reduce these only on 6mg daily now)

    Doing the exercises recommended helps the stiffness, keeping them warm, compression gloves, hot olive oil soak. my tens machine. And use every aid going to minimise strain on your hands as I find any activity causes pain. I leave the heavy lifting to hubby as my strength is greatly reduced in them.

    1 of the things I miss is hubby holding my hand which is is too painful to do these days.

    Good luck.