well it made me smile...

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...and that was most welcome today believe me.
A local store in its 'home accessories' section had a plaque, neatly edged with little round bulbs, which said
1 Prosecco
2 Prosecco
3 Prosecco


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    Made me smile too Daffy.
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    Love it
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    Nice one, daffy :lol:
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    That reminds me of the Simon Drew cartoon of a dog on a barstool - substitute tequila for prosecco and you're there :wink: And there's another by him of a leaning duck, entitled 'Wine List'.

    I gave friends a plaque for a housewarming gift: A lovely lady and a grumpy old man live here.

    An old favourite of mine was a Tshirt which stated 'I am not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.' DD
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    Some of those little 'saying' plaques are very amusing and do make you smile don't they? :D
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    I love it daffy...thanks for the laughs.. :lol: