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Three years ago I fell and my right knee which was playing up on me occasionally before the fall begun to look deformed. I was then diagnosed with severe oa of left knee with 4°valgus deformity.

The pain at times is unbearable but I'm so scared of surgery. There are times I don't know who to talk to that will understand without thinking I'm making a big deal of it.

The pain and deformity has left me lacking confidence in my social life. I think the only thing people see is my deformed limb.


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    It is difficult when we are very aware that part of us is not as we want it to be. When my arthritis began my left knee swelled and swelled and swelled: eventually it was so huge I switched to long skirts because I would have to buy trousers four sizes too big just to accommodate it. Surgery didn't sort it because it was caused by another kind of arthritis (psoriatic aka PsA) but the long skirts stayed and they now hide a multitude of things not as I would like them to be. What kind of surgery has been offered? I have PsA and OA in both knees, OA in both ankles and PsA in my toes so not much of my lower half is particularly pretty - but the skirts hide it all.

    You may feel as though you are walking around with a flashing neon sign overhead saying 'DEFORMED KNEE' but, trust me, no-one will notice it because they are wrapped up in their own concerns; in my experience the general populace can be incredibly unaware of what is going on around them. DD
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    I'd lay a pound to a penny that, even in our shallow world, most people have no idea you have a deformed knee. I have deformed everything because I got RA before there was any proper treatment for it. Yet I still had to wave my hands in front of the locksmith yesterday to show him why I couldn't turn the key in the current lock. I'd to do the same thing a couple of months back when buying an electric tooth-flosser to show the assistant why I needed to try (the switch) before buying.

    I really don't think you're making a big deal of the pain. I've had both knees replaced and know how excruciatingly tough it was beforehand. But the surgery made it all fantastic. Of course we have to work hard at the recovery but it is soooo worth it.

    Would it help to have a chat with our lovely Helpline people? Talking about our fears and worries so often lessens them. Why not give it a go?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
    Fear is very normal, believe me..I said there was no way they would get me in hospital when it cam to the time for my THR..I have now had both done...it really will help to talk about things and that is were this forum comes in...x