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I have been talking to arthers on here for some years now and my answers cannot match the sweetness and light touch that our feminine writers display, the MODS are all very moderate in their language, I tend to be rather more blunt, never seeing the point of a half truth or 'shading' what is said, I do care and empathise but it never comes out like that. My pink side is not well developed. Taurus=bull in a china shop!

I suppose that because we sufferers of arther can say what we feel without guilt or peer pressure that this points to the quality of the AC staff and mods who have made this forum what it is. In modern vernacular, its a '10' from me!

Well done, you help us.


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    And from me, too, Airwave :D

    'Blunt'? 'never seeing the point of a half truth'? Do you have Yorkshire blood in you? I may be female but my 'pink side' isn't over-developed either :lol:
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    A bit of grit in the mix isn't always a bad thing....
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    the joy of this wonderful community is all you amazing people who contribute to it. I would not be a real community if we were all pink and fluffy Airwave. I have always found your input immensely positive and reassuring. Variety is the spice of life as they say :wink:
    Best Wishes
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    I'm a Taurean so I can well identify with the bull in the china shop approach!

    I've always been one who says what she thinks. Can't do anything else. Mind you, it doesn't always "sit well" with people when you tell them the truth! But, I'd rather be straight with people than be dishonest with them - or myself.

    I think everyone on this site is a tremendous support so thanks to everyone!

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