Off for a mini break

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I'm off to see my friends in Cambridgeshire tomorrow for a couple of days. This will be the first trip since my TKR so it'll be a huge challenge for me. However, I need to see how I manage and there's only one way to find out!

I intend to allow plenty of extra time for my journey and will stop if/when I feel I need to. I'm taking my ice gel packs for my knee in a cool bag (with the square ice blocks) so that when I arrive I can ice my knee as I know it'll be swollen by then. Thankfully my car being an automatic I won't have to use my left leg.

I treated myself today and had a gel manicure. Never had gel nails before - I went for a lovely pale lilac colour so my nails look all posh! Good excuse not to offer to help with the washing up! :lol:

I'll let you know Monday how I get on.

Take care and have a good weekend everyone.



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    Have a great weekend Grace and enjoy it and your right the only way to see if you can manage something is to try it i'm sure all will be well. the nails sound very posh indeed.
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    I hope you have a lovely time, you are wise in planning to take your time over the journey and I hope it goes smoothly on all fronts. Gel nails do look good, don't they? Look after them so they last! DD
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    Well I managed! I got there and back safely which is extremely important in my view. :lol:

    Going on Friday I got to the 1hr 45 minutes of driving stage and was thankful my planned stop was 10 minutes off. It was a great relief when I parked up and clambered out of the car. I'd been able to "wiggle" my knee regularly during the drive and I think that helped. I took my ice packs with me so when I had my coffee on arrival, the ice packs were busy on my left knee whilst I was drinking a very welcome cup of coffee.

    I went out yesterday (Saturday) with my friends and I sat in the front seat of their car beside my friend's hubby Joe; Deb took the back seat. That way I had more space for my leg and I could get get in and out.

    Attempting stairs at their house (remember please that I live in a bungalow) was a struggle so these marathon ascents were made only when absolutely necessary (i.e., going to bed/getting up). Thankfully they have a downstairs cloakroom. Deb acted as my butler and moved my bag for me when needed (Joe has rheumatoid arthritis so couldn't do this).

    Coming home today I again had to stop but I knew that would be the case. But again my journey was a safe, uneventful one.

    Now? I am sore and tired - very tired. But I expected this to be the case. However, I had a lovely couple of days and it was great to catch up. My gel nails were admired and are thankfully intact (I didn't even have to load the dishwasher - result! :lol: ).

    I intend tomorrow to have a gentle walk with a local friend so my knee doesn't stiffen too much and that way it'll keep moving.

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    Hello Grace so sorry I missed this...
    But glad to hear that you managed the journey and got there safe and have done so well driving there and doing the stairs , I bet you feel really proud of yourself and so you should..I have never had gel nails but I am seriously thinking of them ..with mine being so weak ..good for you.. :D x