First cold with inflammatory arthritis - echinacea?

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Well I guess the sulfasalazine is finally starting to kick in as I've been ill for the past week with a sore throat/virus and a cold started yesterday! Not had any kind of cold/virus for a year!
Anyway I resorted to my usual (pre arthritis) prescription of vitamin C tablets and echinacea to help my body fight it off. But this morning I decided to read the leaflet on echinacea and it says echinacea can trigger auto immune diseases and also shouldn't be taken with immune suppressing drugs :o - bit horrified really - I guess I'd better stop taking it and wait the cold out. Can anyone suggest any safe alternatives? Presumably vitamins are ok?
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    I'm sorry things are still bad for you. I wasn't aware of any echinacea / sulph interactions but I don't do over-the-counter stuff and, if I have to, (eg when I got an eye infection just before flying out to LA) I always check with the pharmacist. They are very knowledgeable.

    I usually just sit out colds - plenty of fluids, fruit and veg, fresh air etc - but I don't get many despite the methotrexate because I am in the fortunate position of not having to go to work / look after those little germ factories which are small children and being very assiduous with anti-bac stuff especially after going round a supermarket or visiting a doc or hospital. Also all my friends know to stay away if they're sneezing.

    If you really want to take something extra I suggest you just ask your local pharmacist what would be appropriate given your meds.

    I hope things ease up soon.
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    I think the problem is that your medication is to try and damp down the immune system - to stop it attacking your body - and so taking something such as echinacea that's intended to boost it up again isn't the best thing to do?
    I don't know whether it can cause problems(I'm not on RA drugs) but I have always found rosehip tea(pure, not with other things) brewed with a bit of cinnamon stick(can be used more than once) and if liked sweetened with a drop of honey, very helpful.