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Has anyone else experienced toothache, with not problem found when investigated by the dentist? I'm wondering if arthritis may be causing the pain?
I've got healthy teeth which I brush and floss really well and regularly attend the dentist and hygenist, but for the last 3 weeks I've had a nagging toothache in my back molars on the upper left when pressure is applied (ie chewing)
I've seen my dentist twice about this, had 'normal' Xrays and he can find nothing wrong.
As I have psoriasis arthritis I wonder if the ligaments around my teeth may be inflammed by the arthritis, or the actual jaw bone.
I'm not having any active treatment at present (I've been taken off everything due to ineffectivity and side effects) and am having a bit of a flare,so I guess that would make sense.
Anyone else had this? Any advice?
I must say that toothache on top of everything else is rather the last straw!


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    Hi Trisha,

    The jaw joint and the surrounding muscles and soft tissues can be problematic for many people. I visited the dentist regularly complaining of pain so many times, I was referred to a maxillofacial surgeon and I have jaw arthritis. Mine is fairly extreme in that I need both sides replaced but there are many treatment options; splints, night guards, physiotherapy and compresses etc. Next time you go, ask them to poke in the places where your pain is and they might be able to isolate the problem.

    Best of luck.
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    I do recall once having a similar problem which the x-ray didn't reveal. My dentist went in anyway and there was something wrong. She fixed it and I never looked back. Difficult to know what to do. Maybe wait and try another x-ray? I do have arthritis in my jaw but mine definitely felt like toothache.
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