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Hi everyone,Though I haven't posted much I still look in to see what you're all up to.Im 1/2lb to my target weight and feeling a lot better going to have to wear a belt with my jeans will have to buy some new ones.
On sunday we are off to Belgium we are going a WW1 battlefield and cemetery tour .
The week after that its my yearly rheumy appointment,fingers crossed its ok for another year.
Wishing you all well Mig (((()))) X


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    Oh well done, mig :D

    We spent a lovely, moving week in Ypres a few years back. The Ypres museum is possibly the best I've ever been in. The ceremony at the Menin Gate each evening is not to be missed and please have a beer at the cafe there on my behalf.

    Hope rheumatology goes well too.
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    Hello Mig its really good to hear form you, boy you have done :D well with your weight..just in time for your next enjoy Belgium..somewhere I have never been but heard so much about, and good luck with your rheumy appointment xx
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    Good one Mig I hope you enjoy the trip always wanted to go myself but probably never will now.
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    Mig !!!!
    Great to see you and well-done for the weight loss. I hope your trip to Belgium goes well.
    Look forward to seeing you back on the forums when you get home
    Toni xxx
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    Hi Mig, there you are, good to see you and congratulations on the weight loss, much praise :)

    Enjoy the time in Belgium, I am sure it will be an emotional experience, but one that everyone should see and do in their lifetime. Take lots of care XXX Aidan
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    Thanks everyone,I started SW weighing 13st 5 and a half lbs Im now 11st 12 and a half lbs ,I feel so much better in myself and must admit I was very down about it but yesterday I brought a pair of jeggings now if I could just change my feet I would buy some red stilettos.
    Half way through packing just last minute things to do.
    Take care all. X Mig
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    Woo hoo! Well done, you!

    Put me down for a change of feet too, please, mig. You can have any stilettos of any hue that go with them :wink:
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    Good to see you Mig. You have done so well with your weight loss. Well done. Enjoy your trip to Belgium.
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    Well done on the weight loss Mig . and enjoy your trip to Belgium.

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