Coming off methotrexate to try to conceive.

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I am 27 and have rheumatoid arthritis. I was taking 20mg injections once a week to keep it at bay but recently stopped taking it to try for a baby. I spoke to my rheumatologist beforehand who advised it was okay to do so as the diease wasn't active. However, it has been 5 weeks now and I can already feel my joints starting to flare up. I've tried sulphasalazine in the past but unfortunately took an allergic reaction to it. My doctor told me the methotrexate would be out of my system within 1 week but that I had to wait 12 weeks before trying for a baby. I'm still on the pill but am planning on coming off it soon to allow my body to have a natural cycle before trying.

I guess I'm just wondering why I have to wait the full 12 weeks if it is out of my sytem in 1? I've worked out roughly that by the time I come off the pill and my body is on a normal cycle, I will be ovulating around the time I will have been off the methotrexate for 10 weeks. Could I try then or is it still too risky? I obviously wouldn't want to harm myself or a baby but the space of 2 weeks doesn't seem much and it's getting harder every day with my joints aching when I have to work and already have a very active 3 year old little boy!

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    Dear Natalie1712,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I can appreciate that this is an important time for you, and it may be unsettling to be trying to manage on fewer drugs than normal during these crucial weeks. You've done many of the things that we might mention - been putting soundings out on the Living with arthritis forum too. None of us at Arthritis Care is qualified to offer you advice, but we'd mention sources of information which are of a good standard. Guidance for doctors about the use of arthritis drugs during pregnancy have been updated in 2016 by the British Society for Rheumatology. Here's a link to a good summary of information from NRAS and ARUK
    I can see from your other posting that you are still taking hydroxychoroquine and I hope you'd be able to get ongoing advice from your rheumatology team. I wonder if you are in touch with obstetrics yet and if they have any suggestions?

    Is it possible to have any extra help, so that you can give yourself a bit more room than normal to pace yourself, build in relaxation, and have Mediterranean food?

    If you'd like to have an informal chat about what's on your mind, you'd be most welcome to ring our free phone.

    Kind regards