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Hi all, hope this post gets through, just joined lol I'm diagnosed with reumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, stopped methotrexate meds as hair falling out, continuing bronchitis etc, my cousin who is a member of the ladies Wi came across a paste that had taken 80% of her arthritis swelling and pain which was the same as mine. I made the paste up and waited for it to 'kick in', I've been on it now 5 and a half weeks and it has absolutely taken 90% of my swelling and pain away also. Absolutely brilliant and all natural ingredients and easy to make, if anyone is interested in recipe, let me know thanx for listening 😊


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    I hope you are posting ok now katy? I think sometimes other people have had trouble posting with tapatalk :?

    I am very glad the paste has helped you and hope it's not just an RA flare settling.

    Take care

    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    I, too, am pleased you've found something that seems to help. There are several topical creams for relieving OA and different people swear by different ones. They won't deal with RA which is caused by our faulty, overactive immune systems but getting some relief, whether from OA or simply, as frogmorton suggested, from a remission, is always welcome. I hope it continues for you.
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    I hope your paste is strong enough to overcome the current barometric challenge but it won't be doing anything regarding your over-active immune-system. If, however, you think it is then that will make it work. Placebo studies are fascinating as they show the power of the mind over the body. Good luck! DD
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