Fibromyalgia and OA

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I have just joined this forum and have enjoyed reading all your posts ..... such comfort to have a platform like this to share experiences and worries etc.
I will try and keep this as short as possible but it is rather a long story. I started suffering various aches and pains in my 20's and 30's. I suffered with terrible anxiety and the dr's always put it down to that. Fast forward to my 40's, and not only had the aches and pains got worse, I was always exhausted and just didn't feel well. Anyway, after various tests etc, I was sent to rheumatology where I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Had to give up work in my 50's as I was off sick more than I was at work.
About 18 months ago, I started getting terrible pain in my left leg and my back. As anyone with fibromyalgia knows, everything you go to the doctors with get 'oh, it's will be the fibromyalgia '. After 6 months I insisted on xrays and later had an MRI. It turned out I had quite severe OA in my left hip, moderate in my right, some in my lower spine, plus 2 herniated docs.
By this time, I was having trouble walking but waited another 6 months to see someone at the Royal Orthopaedic in Birmingham where they sent me for a steroid injection........ oh boy!!!!!!! how painful was that??!! I am 6 weeks post injection and it hasn't worked....... back to see them in 2 weeks time .
I would be really interested to talk to someone else who has got both fibromyalgia and OA.


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    Hi Judi
    Welcome to the forum,I am so sorry you are suffering so acutely with fybro, it,s tough when you don,t get the answers you need.I am glad also you found us as there are people on the forum who suffer as you do so can fully understand your pain.
    Just log on to the forums you like LWA and Chit Chat being our most popular forums and chat away.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello, I have PsA (psoriatic arthritis, began 1997 but not diagnosed until 2006) which in turn has led to OA (diagnosed in 2011) and fibro (which was diagnosed in 2013). Fibro can affect someone without arthritis being involved, I think I am correct in saying that it is on the auto-immune inflammatory spectrum and my rheumatologist was not surprised it had rocked up to join my joints party. I, however, was. I've never found injected steroids of any use for my auto-immune arthritis but one did work, my right ankle was done when the OA was diagnosed but of course it wore off in due course and I haven't bothered since. The OA affects my ankles, both knees, both hips and my left shoulder. DD
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    Hello. I'm sorry you've had such a long drawn out diagnosis. I don't have fibro though I do have OA thanks to years of RA. I think you'll find more people with both if you post on the Living With Arthritis forum. Good luck!