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Hi guys,

I've recently been diagnosed with Arthritis due to my hip dysplasia and I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the news.
I have just undergone an MRI scan and Bone Density scan (to determine if I also have Osteoporosis).

I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to deal with it day to day. I have my good days but today is a particularly bad one.
I feel like the only way I can take away the pain is by taking painkillers, but as I am at work, I'm not able to take the full doses otherwise I will just be asleep constantly.

The news has come as a bit of shock in all honesty as I'm quite young. The consultant has told me he will not give me a hip replacement yet as I'm still quite young so the only option for me at the moment is to just "take painkillers and live with it".


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    Hi Rhial
    Welcome to the forums, I am so sorry you are having a rough time at the moment,I too have OA but its through wear and tear not Hip Dysplacia.The forums are full of lovely people with OA and other Arthritis as well,all sympathetic and willing to chat about themselves,just find a forum you like and get started Chit Chat and LWA being our most popular.
    If you want to ring and talk to someone there is a Helpline as well on 0808 800 4050.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello and welcome from me too :)

    A diagnosis of arthritis always takes some getting used to and coming to terms with. It's not good and it does change our lives but they can still be happy lives.

    The pain is the problem - there day in and day out and, especially when you're young, others just don't get it. (I was diagnosed with RA at 15.) Work and strong pain relief are, indeed, a bad combination. Have you had any physio? That can help.

    I'm so sorry I have to go right now as we have friends here for the weekend but, if you post on the Living With Arthritis forum I'm sure more people will see your thread and answer. Good luck.
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    Hello and welcome!

    I was diagnosed with arthritis at 24 years old and even now at 30 years old I find it hard to accept. My main problem is also my hips but my knees can be incredibly painful too.

    I work full time (commuting into London) and when I am suffering a flare up I find it hard to cope. I am lucky and my boss is happy for me to work from home on days where I really can't face going in. Is that an option for you?

    I also use a walking stick on longer walks and although it took some getting used to (being stared at in the street, colleagues asking questions, etc.) it makes walking faster and less painful for me.

    As my arthritis is inflammatory I find strong anti-inflammatories (like Naproxen) great. I have used co-codoamol too when I have bad days but obviously don't want to take that too often.

    I hope this helps but if you have any questions please feel free to direct message me.

    Debs x