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Hi everyone let me start by firstly apologising if my post is a bit of a ramble
I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip and both inside of my knees in September last year
This was after many visits to my GP with intense knee pain in my left knee
Was then diagnosed with an Infractured tiba in my left leg :(
been suffering terrible pain in my groin hip leg knee and foot for he last 2 months
Then last week I noticed my elbows were aching and my fingers were getting a bit numb and tingly I put this down to working ( I run a cleaning business ) I work long hours and it's quite physical work
I have been on medication patchs for 2 months but have found these have not been controlling my pain and have been topping up with pain killers
Yesterday was a rough day my knees were hurting intently and to sit down and bend my legs was extremely uncomfortable climbingvstairs as become a difficulty as I feel it puts a massive pressure on my knees espicaly the left one
Any way today I decided I wasn't coping as well as I maybe should be I'm constantly tired irritable and snappey( my poor husband is suffering the brunt of it ) I have tried for 5 days to get into see my GP I finally got an appointment to day ( now wishing I had t bothered)
Try to explain my symptoms to the GP espicaly the new one with my elbows and fingers and I was made to feel like a total inconvenience and a moaner
He told me I was going with to many symptom complaints I mentioned the pain in my knee was becoming more intense and he could only deal with one as he had other patients to see I felt dreadful I thought the GP would understand and would offer me advice on how to cope
Anyway he hurriedly gave me a prescription for new patchs told me to go away and try them and if in 6 months I was still suffering I could go back and see him then
I left got in my car and cried how as my life become such a mess ( that's how it feels )
Am I just moaning ?? Could I be imaging this pain I don't think I am I know I feel the pains
I feel like this is ruining part of my life I don't sleep much at night I'm tired and constantly snapping at my hubby I can't pick my 2 year old grandaughter up without difficult and pain I have had to change my car too an automatic driving a manual was becoming impossible
Can any one give me any advice on how to cope with the pain ???
All I want is one good nights sleep and to feel normal again
And I want to be able to continue my job ( getting harder and harder ) sorry for rambling but I feel lost
Anything any one replays with will be very gratefully appreciated :)


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    Hello ouchinghipandknee. I'm so sorry to hear things are so bad for you right now and that you have arthritis in both hips and knees. (I'm sorry, I've no idea what an 'infractured tibia' is.)

    GPs can sometimes seem not very sympathetic towards osteoarthritis because the truth is they can't cure it or even do a great deal to help other than prescribing anti-inflammatories and pain relief and physiotherapy. Also I know some surgeries have a 'same day' service but it's supposed to be for emergencies and for just one problem so maybe that's why your GP was so short with you. However, don't take that to mean you have nothing much wrong with you. Far from it.

    The trouble with all pain relief is that we get used to it so have to keep taking stronger doses of stronger medication to try to keep on top of it. I decided years ago it just wasn't worth it for me so now I take as little as possible.

    It sounds as if you are trying desperately to cope with a very physically demanding job. No wonder things are so bad and no wonder you are snappy with your husband. Our nearest and dearest do ,unfortunately, tend to be first in line for getting the flak.

    It sounds to me as if you really need to think hard abut your job. Could you do fewer hours? Fewer day? Just to give your poor body a chance to recover a bit. There tends to be no going back to our former lives with arthritis. It's here to stay, much as we hate it, and we have to factor it in as part of our new lives.

    A little tip – do stairs as a child would – one step at a time. The rule is good (or better) leg first going up and bad leg first going down. Going down backwards can help too.

    But, please, do believe in yourself. You are not imagining this or making it up. But you can't just banish it with pain meds.
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    Thank you so much for replying to me it helps a lot. I think this morning after my GP apppointment I wasn't in a good place I think I went hoping he would give me some miracle cure ( obviously I know this is. Not possible ) but after another sleepless night due to my hips and knee hurting and the worry of yet again disturbing the hubbys sleep I think was just a little stressed out :(
    Your right about painkillers and the fact you need more and more to Achieve the same effect i have never liked taking painkillers so was happy to use the patchs even though there the same but the last months have been a struggle so to keep going I was taking a couple painkiller tablets as well :(
    As for working I know I should reduce what I'm doing cleaning is a physically demanding job and I work 7 days a week but it guess it's the one thing I felt in control off I spent 2 years building my little business up and I guess I'm a little scarded to let it go but when I get home and my knees and hips are shouting at me hello hello just letting you know we are about to spend the next few hours hurting you I should slow down but if I do I will feel like this as beat me
    I'm guessing at 50 years old I should have a lot more working life left in me and working is a really important factor to me
    I'm glad to ha e found some were I can come and pour my self out to I love my hubby but he just doesn't seem to get how many chi pain I'm feeling at times I think because he can't see any physical signs he doesn't understand it
    Anyway sorry I have rambled away again
    Just feels good to get it out there :)
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    Hi there ouchinghipandknee,

    Welcome to the forum, you poor soul, you deserved that cry, in fact you deserve much better than that.

    There are things that can help. First may be understanding osteoarthritis and how it works and progresses.


    Here's a link to help with managing pain.


    Now all that is a lot to take in at once, hold on to the fact that you are not alone and take it slowly.

    The first thing you should do is ring up and chat to our helpline team, they are experienced at this and they can help immediately and ongoing.

    Ring 0808 800 4050, they are open 9.30 - 5.00 Mon-Fri

    Take care
    Yvonne x