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The only thing I have in common with Teresa May is that I too have over 100 cook books and love cooking.

I am sure I am not the only one, anyone else out there who will confess?

I think the worst offence is not in having that many cook books but that most of them have never been used. I buy them but so few of them live up to their promise and I actually end up making anything from.

My new resolution this year has been that if I buy another cookbook and I have bought a few so far this year I will definitely, almost absolutely, or probably cook at least one thing from it.

Needless to say I haven't managed that but I am trying...


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    I don't collect cookery books mainly because I regard cooking as one of the unfortunate necessities of life. I never much liked it even when my hands and many other joints were compliant but now that they're not......oh no.

    My Mum was a basic cook and I guess I inherited her tendencies. I experimented a bit with recipes and cook books when our sons were young but now that there is just the two of us - and he is a confirmed meat and three veg man - I stick mostly to what I know. I think all my cook books went to the charity shop before we moved - apart from the ultra-germ-ridden notebook into which I copied or pasted our favourites.
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    I have a library of old cookery books, and love reading through them fascinates me how somethings have changed and other just the same...lots of mutton ..and its making a comeback..I enjoy cooking certain things but my late mum used to cook for a family from being 14,,must say these days my slow cooker does most of it... :lol:
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    I had to cull my collection when we moved house but the numbers are creeping up once more . . . . my efforts never look like the pictures but I enjoy reading them (the doing though? Not so much!) The latest acquisition is one all about salads - its pictures are beautiful but Mr DD does not regard salad as food (let alone a meal). DD
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    DD hubby is the same, or rather was until diverticulitis changed his mind and he had to give up white bread and eat fruit and proper veg, not just his usual meat and 2 veg (chips and maybe peas).

    I have changed my diet quite a lot and he has come round to salads as occasional requirements and now even eats an apple a day!!

    He'll never make the 5 a day let alone the 10..

    Unfortunately when I first became ill, in 1999, he had to take over cooking (as well as everything else) and he refused to give up planning and cooking meals even when I became better or am well enough to cook. Then when he broke his leg I had to take over again, and now we share, so it is a constant push pull to get there (improve his diet that is)...

    Now with my arthritis I do the minimum of prep and cooking is a luxury so don't do the Beef wellingtons etc we used to have..
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    Sorry, there can't be any cookbooks left in this world that aren't in our kitchen....? Some of the celebrity ones can be a bit duff, my favourite is one from the 70's, lots of classic dishes.

    Just come back from Greece by the sea with lots of local herbs. Just cooked pork and veg kebabs with yoghurt and herb marinade laid in homemade unleven bread, yum yum!

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