Who do I see for pain relief?

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im really struggling with pain atm and can barely make it through the day at work. The pain is widespread and in several joints so it is hard to manage. I'm on sulf for disease control and have been on prednisolene which in higher doses meant I was pain free but Ive been gradually reducing it which means I'm back at square one pain wise. Wondering if I can go back on to naproxen which I had at the beginning with omeprazole. Presumably I'd see my GP about this rather than my rheumatologist? I don't have a rheumatology nurse so there's nobody else I can ask short term.
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    Your GP is the one to advise, the rheumatologist could make recommendations but seeing a GP is easier and quicker. DD
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    Yes, do see the GP. I think there is less concern than there used to be about prescribing NSAIDS along with DMARDS and it might be that only your rheumatologist can do this but your GP is definitely the one to go to for pain relief itself.

    It must be very difficult trying to work with all this going on (It's many years since I did it) but I hope you can find something that helps.
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    Thanks both of you. I assumed it'd be the GP but wanted to check!