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When I was at rheumatology last week she mentioned that it was 5 years since I had an in depth eye check-up and that she would arrange a appointment ,I have had a copy of the letter she sent to the eye dept asking them to arrange a test,I thought that because I visited the optician every year it would not be necessary but apparently not ,didn't like it the first time and Im sure I won't like it this time.This is because I'm on Hydroxy.


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    I hope all goes well, mig.

    I do recall having the odd one many years ago. Several rheumatologists ago, at every appointment, he would flick through a book of colour-blind, number tests. In the end I virtually knew it off by heart :lol: I've never had one since he retired.
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    This sounds sensible but that's easy for me to say as I'm not having it done. I am aware that hydroxy can increase the risk of eye troubles, so it makes sense to be checked, but I understand your reticence: having someone poking around such a delicate area is not my idea of fun either. Good luck old girl, as we say in this household. DD
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    Thanks both. :D
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    Hello Mig,
    I have check ups in Opthalmology usually annually as had keratitis and the sjogrens syndrome has cause scarring. Not on hydroxy any more though.

    Don't find it too bad, the air blowing test is a bit uncomfortable and I come out with orange tears due to the eye drops! No after effects.

    It is worth getting checked out thoroughly - I don't see an optician, but if you do and they haven't noticed anything amiss that sounds positive.

    Hope all goes well for you xx