Pain relief for arthritis during pregnancy - HELP!

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I am 17 weeks pregnant and have been suffering a major flare up in my hip since last year. I take sulfasalazine for my arthritis (have done for nearly 6 years) but was dealing with pain in my hip and leg muscles with Naproxen and occasionally Co-codamol.

I have been taken off Naproxen and Co-codamol whilst pregnant and paracetamol just doesn't touch the pain.

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative pain relief? For example natural medicines (a colleague suggested Holland and Barrett's Magnesium Oil Spray for muscle aches) or any techniques?

Any help gratefully received!




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    Congratulations on the pregnancy :D

    I can't better Sharon's advice but I would emphasise the caution over 'natural medicines'. They may well clash with your prescribed meds and may be just as dangerous to take in pregnancy as the prescribed ones.

    Over 40 years ago I had to 'dó' my second pregnancy on soluble aspirin. I really don't recommend it, for more than one reason, but there is so much more knowledge around now. I know many women are prescribed steroids during pregnancy. Has your rheumatologist suggested them?
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    Hi Debs, congratulations on your pregnancy! Such an exciting time, although somewhat thwarted by the pain ☹️

    I had a flare during my first pregnancy & was given steroids to help (which it did), as for the pain relief there isn't much you are allowed to take sadly. And as previous posts suggest you do need to be super careful with 'natural' treatments with pregnancy too.

    Best to chat to your Rheumy team & see if they can help you, plus try all the usual suspects... warm bath, ice pack, and there's a gel that's safe in pregnancy which I used a lot - 'Freeze' I think is called? The pharmacist will be able to advise you on this too.

    I tried reflexology whilst pregnant too - it didn't seem to help me, but others have reported success so might be worth looking into? There was a post recently about this if you do a search. Just make sure you tell who ever does it that you are pregnant and they will avoid the 'danger' spots!

    Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope the pain subsides for you soon x

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    Thanks for your kind words and advice. I have already spoken to my GP and Rheumy team and paracetamol is all I have been offered. I did ask about steroids but my rheumatologist would prefer me to try just paracetamol first. I might ask about physiotherapy though is this does seem like a good idea!

    Thanks again!