Hopefully the last time I will post!

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Well, I have had a sore few months! In fact, I can't remember how long it has been in total but it only got really bad the last while....maybe six-eight months. For those that have replied to me before, you will know I was given the "It is OA/It isn't OA/I am sure it is PMR/It isn't PMR" variety of explanations for my painful joints and limbs.
Anyway, I come bearing good news (I hope!) I am on other drugs for another health condition....have been on them for years. I have been reducing these gradually and am now on less than a 1/4 of what I was on before. My pain has gone! I am back to walking, taking the dog out for good long runs and basically being an active person again. I have minor pain in my knee, very minor, so much so I don't need pain pills or gel and it doesn't really curtail my activities (I would be too afraid to do high impact though!)
The rheumatologist said that I might be having a good spell of an inflammatory condition (he couldn't find any though) but I honestly think it has been my meds. I suspected so for a long time but I had to go through the elimination of physical causes.
My other health condition is fine too on the reduced meds....so all good.

So thank you to everyone who supported me when I thought I had PMR. xx


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    hippy I am so very very pleased for you :)

    I do hope it's you who is right and not the rheumatologist!! I know some medications can make bones sore, but goodness me if it is they really ought to think of that before the pills cause so much harm.

    I rather hope this isn't the last time you post....not because I want you in pain, but it would be lovely to hear from you in the future to hear that you are still doing well

    With love and a big :D

    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Oh hippy, I do hope so - for your sake, not ours :lol: But do feel free to drop in any time :D
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