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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a little advice. I'm going on my honeymoon to Italy the first week of July. I was planning on just wearing trainers as they are the best support for me (I have RA in my knees and feet). I'm going through a bit of a fare up at the moment but time is running out to get holiday clothes. Long story short I went into town on Saturday to a couple of shops. I live in the highlands of Scotland and we were having a heatwave over the weekend, I think it was up to 28 degrees at some points? Anyway, I was wearing my trainers with socks and my feet were actually in agony by the time I was home and I was only out a couple of hours. I think it was definitely the heat and my left foot was so swollen yesterday it was ridiculous. So now I'm thinking trainers are not the best idea for my holiday as I imagine it will be even hotter there?!

Does anyone have any advice on what I could wear on my feet that would still have good support? I have to wear insoles too so i doubt I could wear sandals? I will get flip flops for around the pool but we have booked a day trip to Venice and one to Verona and I would hate to miss out on them now because of this stupid disease!!!

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Natalie


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    Hello Natalie and welcome to the forum..
    All my shoes now have velcro..and in this weather have to be sandals. if my feet get hot them they are painful and I dont have RA..I have a clarks sandals and a couple of pairs from pavers I always wait for the sales..I love to be able to tighten them and loosen them has needed..and I cant were flat one they have to have a little platform..I hope you have a lovely honeymoon...and the flare subsides in time..
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    First things first – have a lovely honeymoon
    Now, as for shoes, I too have RA in my feet. I have to wear surgical shoes but I'm sure you're right about trainers being best as an orthotist told me that years ago.

    What I think might be your problem is not the shoes but the heat. I don't know what it was like in the Highlands but, in the Borders, it was stickily oppressive. I checked the temperature and couldn't believe that it was lower than many days when I was in California a couple of months ago. It's the humidity that does for me and we have it in spades. And, yes, my worst foot was swollen as it can be in UK heat.

    I don't know about Italy. If there's less humidity you could be fine just as normal. Otherwise, my advice would be to ensure you drink plenty of water. That sounds counterproductive but isn't. It helps the kidneys function better and the swollen ankle, if due to heat / humidity, might be because your kidneys are struggling slightly rather than the arthritis itself.

    Unfortunately, if the problem is with the RA itself (and mine has always hated heat / humidity and protested accordingly) I doubt anything short of more meds will help. Maybe a word with your rheumatology helpline?

    If not, one thing that might help is – and this might involve buying another pair of trainers in the next size up – to get some 'thin as possible' cotton socks and wear them underneath your normal socks. The double layer at least helps prevent chafing especially when your ankle is swollen. Also, I always buy soft-topped socks these days. They're more expensive but isn't everything that helps?

    Good luck and I hope all goes well
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    Thank you both very much for replying, some great advice. I may take a look in Clarke for some sandals with good support. Stickywicket I've never heard of those socks but will take a look into them. I'm going to see my physio the week before we go and she's going to give me a steroid injection in both knees so hopefully that will help with the walking and although they are direct injections they may help my feet too. Fingers crossed anyway! X
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    My honeymoon (in 1997) was split between Venice, the Lido and The Italian Lakes, this was back when my troubles were just beginning. Venice was hard work on my feet and knees (although I only had one affected knee joint, talk about the good old days :wink: ). I wore trainers for the day-to-day stuff and murdered my poorly joint with delicate shoes for evening prettiness.

    In my experience anything that cushions is a help, for many years I swore by Crocs but, now that things are considerably worse, I can no longer cope with them. I need something that is held on with a broad strap - I recently bought some cracking pretend 'Sketchers' in a Mary-Jane style from T*sc* for the princely sum of £12. They have been so good I've bought some more. DD
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    Thanks dream daisy. We have a day trip to Verona she one to Venice and that's what I'm mostly worried about as I know I will be doing a lot of walking on these days. Sadly we booked this when I was in good form and never really thought about having a flare up! I had thought trainers for day time but still haven't decided what to wear in the evenings as I have a couple of pretty dresses and don't think trainers will be too flattering with them lol! It's the little things isn't it?! I will have a shop around and see if I can get something suitable. Wish me luck! X
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    Hi i wear Clarkes un loop shoe as my regular work shoe and smart shoe. I have still managed to wear my birkinstock flip flops - i dont walk very far and i have 2 sticks. They do have some arch support. I have also strive slippers expensive but built in orthotics. But there ia a company called vionic available thro qvcuk 30 day money back guarantee even after u have worn them outside, i haven't has them myself yet but they have built in orrhotics and they're quite pretty n sone a bit glitzy they are a bit pricey but if its for ypur honeymoon maybe a little treat for yourself??

    Enjoy the honeymoon hope u have a great time and feel not toooooo bad.

    Wobbly xz
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    Hi Natalie

    I don't have RA but I have OA in my hip, I wear Skechers memory foam trainers I know skechers do sandals and flip flops, the skechers I wear are lightweight don't know if they'll be any good for you.
    I get mine from Wynsors

    Have a lovely honeymoon

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    Thank you both for your replies :) going to have a look online today and see if I can find something. I've heard of the vionic shoes before so will check that site and also the Skechers one! I'm to not do too much walking apart from on the two day trips we have booked so hopefully find something suitable. Thanks everyone for your advice :) x
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    Hi there, firstly, congratulations....hope the honeymoon will be amazing.
    I have RA with lots of foot and ankle pain. I recently discovered a company online called Simply Feet and bought trainers with orthotic insoles (I wear orthotics from hospital usually) -they're called Dr Comfort trainers....they were in the sale reduced from £100 to £35, and worth every penny as they've given me so much relief, in fact I promptly ordered a second pair for when these wear out!! They make all kinds of shoes with insoles so maybe there's a chance you could find some pretty shoes too.

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    Hi dibdab, thank you for your advice. I was actually on that site earlier! I've ordered a pair of vionic sandals so hopefully they will be worth it when they come :) they have good reviews and say they are good for supporting knees and feet so just what I need! X
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    Hi Natalie,I have RA in my feet too and getting footwear is a nightmare after searching the web for ages I found 2 shops online that do wider fit shoes boots sandals one shop go up to 8x wide,I have 6x its called widerfit shoes the other is called sandpiper,its worth a look.I usually buy when they have a sale as they can be pricey.Mig
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    Thanks mig I will take a look at them. It's such a nightmare trying to find shoes isn't it!! X
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    After trying and failing to squeeze my fat arthritic feet into a variety of brands I have found these brands work for me; sketchers trainers, m&s footglove sandals ( boots in winter) and havianas flip flops. The sandals are around £40 and have excellent foot support. Good luck with your shoe hunt and I hope you enjoy your holiday.
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    Thank you :)