27 year old with RA

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Hi everyone,

I've been following this site for a couple of months now and I've actually posted in the 'living with arthritis' forum but I've never introduced myself on this so thought it was best I did.

My name is Natalie and I'm 27 years old. I first started getting signs of RA at 17 years old. At first I was sent away from the doctors with painkillers and told I had must have bumped my finger and forgotten. My index finger was red raw, hot and swollen. The pain gradually left my finger, spread to my wrist and then made its way to my elbow where it stuck. My elbow is now stuck at a 90 degree angle and it's a pain in the **** but I've learnt to live with it now. I've been told I won't get considered for an operation on it until I'm at least 30 so still a bit of time to wait..

Anyway over the next few years my elbow was the only symptom I had apart from a few stiff fingers in the morning so I guess I was pretty lucky I managed to keep it at bay for so long. Then comes October 2015 and like a bat out of hell my feet blew up one day and now here we are, it's spread all over my body. I guess I always knew it would happen one day but it was still hard, as I'm sure everyone finds it.

The hardest part was trying to get back to my rheumatologist. I had been taken off their list a few years prior due to my condition not getting worse. So when I went to my GP and said I think my arthritis is finally spreading she advised I was too young to have arthritis and sent me away with painkillers!!! So after a couple of months battling with the GP to get referred to the rheumatologist, I finally got an appointment and was put on appropriate medication.

Things took a few months to calm down and when they did it was great. I still had aches but was lot more manageable than before. I managed to walk down the aisle at my wedding normally rather than hobble, though I was wearing trainers under my dress :D my friend managed to stick gems on them and changed the laces to make them more bridal like :)

That was back in October and things have been good since then. In April I came off my medication as we want to have another baby (I have a 3 year old boy who is very active and hard work at times but if it wasn't for him I doubt I would get out of bed some mornings!) I've been having a bad flare up since I came off the methotrexate and still have 4 weeks to go until we can start trying. So fingers crossed we conceive quickly and I have an easy pregnancy (hah I should be so lucky!) but one can dream!

Anyway that's my story. I'm sorry it was so long and I probably rambled a bit. I've just been through a lot and wanted to share as I understand what others are going through too. Sometimes I just sit and cry from the pain and feel like giving up. But then I remember my son, husband and other people in my life and I'm thankful. I didn't plan on having this disease but I guess I just have to accept it and deal with it.

Thank you for reading and I'm looking forward to speaking to others going through the same thing as although my family can be sympathetic for me, no one really understands what we go through with this. Natalie x


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    Hello again, Natalie :D (We've 'met' on LWA.)

    Thank you for sharing your arthritis story. It's always good to get a bit of background on people.

    See you around :bee:
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    Thanks sticky :D
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    Hi Natalie1712
    thank you very much for sharing your story and we wish you well with your next life chapter, keep us posted and take care
    Best Wishes
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    Gosh Natalie! What a story!

    You have battled hard haven't you?

    I hope you conceive very quickly too so you can get back on your meds and to normal.

    As far as your elbow operation I don't see why they won't help??? My own daughter has had hip surgery at 18 and a new shoulder this January at 19.

    You already know you have to be assertive, but for now another child is your aim. I hope all goes well.

    Do let us know how you get on


    Toni xx