This old dog is trying . . .

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. . . . to learn some new tricks.

My current laptop is slowly giving up the electronic ghost so I have invested in something called a Yoga Book; it is slimmer, much lighter and has a fabulous-looking back-lit Halo keyboard. I opted for the Android version as it was cheaper (and prettier :wink: ) This decision resulted from a long-planned major change in the DD household which will involve more travelling than is the norm.

I am used to clattering away on a keyboard and using a trackpad. The Halo keyboard is illuminated (lovely!) but I keep switching it to a French layout :? . The keyboard also has a trackpad but it is highly sensitive so I am struggling to come to terms with using the touchscreen. I am sure that once I've got the hang of things I shall be very pleased with it but I am getting impatient with my inefficiency at using it. I know it's early days but even so . . . . :x :oops: :roll: :) DD


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    Admit it DD you're adicted to technology, keyboards and chips! :D
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    you will soon get used to it DD...all track pads are different, and if you find it a little sensitive you should be able to change it in the settings..
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    You're not an old dog DD you're a **** cat. :animal_busy:
  • dreamdaisy
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    Oh Airwave, I admit that I am fond of technology, and once upon a time I was up-to-date with it all but those days are long gone! :) Earlier today I received a lecture from Mr DD about what could be done with the new gadget and had I looked at uchoob :wink: : all I could say was 'I know', 'I know', 'I know' and 'Yes'. We later spent a very interesting 20 minutes or so connecting his phone and recently loaded play-list to the Bluetooth in my car. It worked. We were very noisy for a short time.

    I am getting better at using it, Barbara, I have learned how to change the sensitivity settings and so far, so good. Frog? I am indeed a **** cat. :D DD

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