Another terror attack in London!!

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We are just getting over the terror attack in Manchester late last night early this morning there has been another terror attack in London. there were 3 separate attacks, one with men wearing fake bomb vests, another where men stormed a pub with knives stabbing people and another where a van crashed into people on London bridge. Three of the men where shot dead. 7 people have died and 48 others are injured. A witness said they heard one attacker say 'this is for Allah', these attackers want us to crumble but we get up brush ourselves off and carry on! My thoughts are with the families who lost people and have injured family members. One Love!


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    It is just horrible to think another 7 people are now dead and around 50 injured due to the actions of 3 in the space of just 8 minutes.

    E xx
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    How these people with their twisted religeous logic must hate us, they have a cause and are holding their banner high in their fervour. Other such causes have always been defeated.

    I thought what a good job was done by our public services in dealing with the aftermath?

    I doubt if the survivors relatives can find any solace with their violent passing, I hope they do one day.
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    cowards they could they use religion has an excuse..
    my GD is at the concert In Manchester and I am worried heart goes out to the family's involved...
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    I couldn't believe it when I saw the news first thing this morning! My heart goes out to all those involved. So many stories of bravery from passers-by and those who escaped who immediately went to the aid of those hurt. Not to mention all the emergency services of course.

    I don't often agree with Politicians, nor do I usually mention politics to anyone, but on this I do agree 100% with Teresa May that something needs to be done soon and that enough is enough.

    If I'd been planning on going to London in the near future I'd have gone. No way will I let terrorists stop me from going about my day-to-day life. If I did that, they'd have won and no way, in my eyes, will they ever win!

    I am extremely lucky and fortunate. None of my family or friends were directly affected or involved but my deepest sympathies to those who have been targeted by these sick people.

    For those who have lost their lives, R.I.P. You'll not be forgotten.

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    Very scary but once again it was heartening to see the positive response from so many people offering beds for those stuck in central London, mini cabs offering free rides etc.
    I am worried for the majority of Muslims who are just as outraged as anyone else, or even more so that their religion is being misusedin such a way.

    What is even closer to home is that the flats in Barking raided yesterday are very close to the school where I (used to) work, I worry about the impact on the school.
    I have a very close friend who happens to be Muslim who works at the school, she normally walks the 3 miles to school and back each day...she is now so scared that she is going to drive.
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    I find a sad irony in all of this in that when I was a student in Kingston in the mid 70's the IRA was active and I used to have to phone my mother regularly to reassure her I was OK if there was any mention of trouble in London. Now I have had to ask my son to let me know he and DIL are OK when there are terror attacks as they work in London. At least they have now moved further out - previously Borough Market was a regular haunt...
    Different names and ideology, but same agenda of subverted religion and the use of lethal force.
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    I was upset when the Peace process in NI was annouced, I always thought that there should be a price to pay for being in the IRA and committing attrocities, many have walked away without the process of law and order being allowed to run its course, a very large price to pay for peace.

    I can not see peace with these perverted terrorists, they will have to be stopped, it may be some time before a final response is made.

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