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My name is Annie, I'm 49 and I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the neck and lower spine. I'm having real trouble accepting this and therefore managing it.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Annie
    welcome to the forum I am glad you have found us. Coming to terms with having osteoarthritis of the neck is not easy so don't be too hard on yourself. Are you having any physio therapy, or have you been given ant exercises to help?
    We do have a great fact sheet that you might find useful about osteoarthritis of the neck you can find it here
    It is difficult to come to terms with a diagnosis like this and it would be natural to feel a mixture of emotions, you might find this information about emotions useful
    Our online community here are also very supportive and I am sure they will be along shortly to catch up with you. If you have more questions to ask, now you have introduced yourself you can post in the "living with arthritis" forum which is where most people hang out.
    Please feel free to ask lots of questions that is what we are here for
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Annie and welcome from me too.

    I don't think I can add much to Sharon's reply other than to emphasise that getting used to having something like arthritis does take time and can't suddenly be switched on. Unfortunately :roll:

    If you look on the Living With Arthritis forum, near the top is a thread called 'Topics with suggestions for living a positive life' and one of those topics is 'Acceptance'. If you read that you'll see many people have difficulty with it.

    Please join us on the other forums. You can ask away if you have questions or just add to any current thread.
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    Hi Annie,
    I too have neck and spine OA, quite recently diagnosed and am still learning and asking questions. I won't go into my symptoms but you can read my earlier post for those if you wish. I don't have many words of comfort other than you are not alone with this, as you are now probably aware. Just reading some of the posts is helpful and I'm sure if you have any specific questions you will be answered.
    All the best, take care
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    Thank you so much for your replies, I shall certainly look up all your suggestions.
    It's certainly not a diagnosis that can be taken lightly or ignored, as I've been trying to do !!.
    My doctor has referred me for physic but it's taking a while and my counsellor suggested tat I join this as a way f understanding and advice from people who understand.
    I don't think I realised just how big an impact it would have ,not only on my life but on family/social life as well, or how. Guickly it would take effect.
    I hope to find ways of managing my symptoms better.
    Thank you again