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Hello all

GP says I have the start of arthritis. It's in my hands & arms mainly. Not taking any painkillers at the moment. Is worse 1st thing in morning mostly. Painful lifting things like saucepan in left hand. Was given a blood test as complained about pins needles in neck & back. He said was checking if lacking in vitamins. This came back as negative.
Have started doing tai chi, don't know how going to learn much as memory chronic!.
I get pain in my head quite a bit which is worse when bending down & is affected by change in temperatures. Was being treated for sinusitis but as nothing seems to help and I wonder if its anything to do with arthritis.



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    Hi Tinytea Welcome to the forum,i too have arthritis in my hands it is very painful and sometimes like you cannot hold saucepans especially with water in it.All the forums are good but the most popular are LWA and Chit chat,you will find everyone on the forums friendly and encouraging.
    All the best Christine :sun:
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    Hello there, Sheila and welcome from me too
    Well done on starting Tai Chi. Gentle exercise is good for arthritis. I'm sure you'll remember things a bit at a time and be able to build up a store of exercises.

    I have arthritis pretty much everywhere and, as my hands are badly affected, I can tell you to try not to lift anything with one hand, especially anything that's heavy. To lift a pan I use two hands - one on the handle and the other underneath the pan at the far side - using an oven glove if it's hot :lol:

    I can't recognise the head pains at all especially if they are related to changes in temperature. Pins and needles can sometime come as a result of a nerve being pinched.

    Sorry I can't be more help but do join us on the other forums. More people look on there and someone might find your head pains familiar.
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    Hi Sheila and welcome to the forums from me too :D

    I get a version of pins and needles in my hands from, carpel tunnel and some from my neck when it's playing up.

    I wonder whether Xrays showed the Dr anything....or if you've had any?

    The latest thing seems to be that many, many of us lack vitamin D and it can cause lots of problems for us bone-wise. My levels were also ok when tested, but I had just come back from 3 weeks in France at the time :wink:

    You will learn your Tai Chi in the end with practise. Lovely and gentle, but gets the blood flowing to every bit of you :)

    very good idea.

    Anyway you come in and join us on any forum you like you will be welcomed.

    Toni xx