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Hi there
i am new to the site and looking for advice please. Had bi lateral joint pains since January. Its become a daily thing now, a number of joints on both hands, thumbs and wrists. I wake up with stiff, painful hands which are throbbing and frequently wake me up. The pain goes on throughout the day and evening, coming and going but it never disappears. Also hand more painful feet but nothing like the daily pain in both hands. Taking painkillers to help. Saw rheumatologist whose done numerous tests: bloods, xrays, ultrasound and having electrical tests next week before back to see consultant for verdict! He put me on Meloxicam which helped but theyve run out now so back using codeine when it all gets too much. Althpugh meloxicam helped the uktrasound showed no inflammation! If i tpuch my bones/joints they hurt like they are badly bruised. The good news but also freustrating news is all the tests are normal. Had a slight rsised RF 25 and odd areas of minor osteoarthritis but nothing else showing up. Electrical tests are for carpal tunnel but i dont get any numbness or tingling but pain, aching and throbbing. One consultant said it may be arthralgia and that some people come up negative in all tests but nevertheless have pain. Is anyone else in this situation and where do i go from here? Is it simply painkillers forever? Any help would be appreciated. 😊


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    Hi Beelady
    welcome to the forum, I am glad that you have found us. I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with pain. You say you have seen a rheumatologist and had Meloxicam from them? Are you due to see them again as your pain is clearly not under control. I would recommend you phone them and explain that you are still experiencing lots of pain.

    If you have been discharged from the rheumatologist then it would be worth visiting your GP and discussing some pain relief. There are other things you can do to manage pain, have a look at our pages here I have used wax baths in the past, dipping your hands in warm wax and them after peeling it of playing with the wax to exercise your hands. I know others on the community have used hot and cold water to help. I am sure others will come along and share their experiences with you. Please feel free to ask lots of questions that is what we are here for, the best place to post new topics is the "living with arthritis" forum here
    Lets us know how you get on
    Best Wishes
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    Hello and welcome, Beelady. How frustrating! We all feel better able to deal with something if we can name it.

    I think you can take comfort in the fact that you have been referred to a rheumatologist who seems to have done the full gamut of tests. The RF one is complicated. Here's what the excellent Arthritis Research UK site says about it.

    “About 4 out of 5 people with rheumatoid arthritis have positive tests for rheumatoid factor, but about 1 in 20 people without rheumatoid arthritis also have positive results.”

    I think the term 'arthralgia simply means 'joint pain' and isn't really a diagnosis as such.

    I suggest you read up on the different types of arthritis here . I have RA and, certainly in the early days / years, it wasn't just joint pain but crushing fatigue and a 'fluey feeling.

    It might be that you have OA or that things will become clearer in time as they sometimes do. I hope, if so, it doesn't take too long.
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    I started off with the pain but nothing much on ultrasound & bloods nothing significant. Consultant was lovely & always believed me but I sometimes questioned if it was in my head due to test results. It took a couple of years of being on painkillers before tests showed results. Wax therapy bath is amazing for stiffness & helps a bit with pain. Try to keep moving as long as not too painful or can get muscle wastage. There are lots of options what it could be & it is very frustrating not knowing what you are dealing with. Stay strong & you will amaze yourself how you cope. Good luck with next appointment.