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Think we've all heard the saying "horses sweat, men perspire, ladies glisten (or glow)"? Well, today I've been 110% glowing! And it's been anything but ladylike unfortunately.

The office was like a sweat box and it was so hot I all but passed out at lunch time. So, me being me, I had an early lunch break, ate my food, had a strong coffee and said in the lunch area dripping. Not a pretty sight!

Bear in mind I'd taken to work with me a frozen freezer block (the type you put in a cool bag to keep your frozen shopping cold), plenty of fruit with my lunch, a partly frozen bottle of squash, a flannel and a cotton burnt orange batik style Kaftan just in case. I was drinking cold water constantly and was in a wind tunnel facilitated by no less than 4 fans blowing on me. So I think in all fairness I can say I tried my best to keep cool!

I lasted at work until 3.30pm when I began to get light headed, dizzy and clammy again so took the decision enough was enough and came home! The thermometer in my car registered the external temperature was 32 degrees Celsius then. I have a thermometer at work on my desk which goes up to a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, this didn't register the temperature as it was off the scale! There's no air-con in the office, I'm on the top floor of the building (and the roof is a flat roof) and a large number of windows don't open.

Now, I like to see the sun as much as most people, but the humidity is something I can't cope with. And we won't even touch on what the humidity does to my joints!

Hope you've managed to keep as cool as possible.


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    I have all the windows open, curtains closed, aircon on freezing whilst in car and didn't go outside in garden until 4pm and then only under large umbrellas with sunhat and five minutes later was dripping in a very ungentlemanly way.

    I sympathise! This weather is not for me.

    I had to resort to some Pimms, before I could start to feel better........😂😂
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    I hate it. I have never liked extreme heat even before the advent of Arthritis et al, feeling faint/upset stomach, but now it's also the time that my meds make me itch.
    At least with being off long term sick there wasno work, just windows and back doors open and fans doing their thing while I stayed in my cool pjs.

    Last night was bad, just waiting for it to cool down.
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    I'm just glad my office has full blow air-con, as it's a godsend in this heat. Most days we whine that it's too cold, but not this week as it's absolute heaven!

    I'm here right now in my flat, with all the windows open, blinds half closed etc, and its still too damned hot! A nice thunderstorm will do nicely to help clear the air.
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    I like the sun but this is just too much. Was told today that the office got to 33 degrees Celsius yesterday. Not surprised in the least! I lasted the day out today but only just and by sheer determination. For the last hour I was sat slumped at my desk just dealing with phone calls as I didn't trust myself to do anything else.

    At least tomorrow I've only got to work a half day thankfully!


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