Creeping privatisation of the NHS

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As some of you may remember I have been waiting some time, 6 months, (or more acurately a year as it was reccomended in my discharge letter from my Orths surgeon which was not sent out...and as a newbie to this I didn't
realise there would be one).

This morning I had a phone call from the hospital "Out sourcing" department saying there was a very long waiting list at my local hospital but if I was happy they would refer me to an "Independant" i.e. private hospital.

To my shame I said yes. I feel guilty for this as I'm playing the goverment's game, if they funded the NHS properly this wouldn't be needed, and then as this must cost more it leaves the NHS even more strapped for cash.


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    You just do watever you need to do to get sorted out as soon as you can hon and dont feel bad about it all we all want is some relief i cant imagine any of the lovely people on here judging you for that. Of course i totally agree if they wud just pump the right money into the nhs then tjere wud be no need for private companies but I'm afraid needs must....
    I have experience of this too not in a good way tho.
    My gp sent me to a private physio i went to 1st appt got diagnosed with carpal tunnel n given exercises for carpal tunnel and for my neck - oa. So 2 wks later i go back for my follow up appt are u better they asked well not really was my reply right then i am discharging you back to your gp my reaction was WTF......
    Now i have been sent to private pain management clinic waited 6 wks for appt may 18th had consultation so they are goin to inject my facet joints in my spine - will that help the nerve pain in my arms i ask - oh no we cant do those injections we're not licensed. So told i would be on next list - june ooops no sorry u didnt make june list but your right at top of waiting list you'll make july list just spoken to them - I'll be lucky to be on august list. i dont mind waiting we're all used to this however why am i waiting on a list that was supposed to be quicker than nhs and this company can only do half the ruddy job wats the point????
    So my local private hospital has a pain management clinic and i am due to see my gp in 10 days - I'm sure u can imagine where that conversation is goin 😉😉😉😉xx
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    Sorry abt the huge faces xx
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    Sometimes, Slosh, we just have to do what we have to do. I hope this works out OK for you. Does it mean all your treatment being transferred or just this one appointment?
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    I agree Sticky, much as it goes against the grain, and as due to this horribly hot weather my pain levels have just shot up again!

    I'm not sure if it's just the initial appointment...I shall wait, hopefully not too long, and see.
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    Slosh you need to do what is best for you, but I totally understand your reservations.

    The NHS is being increasingly privatised as the Government turns contracts over to private companies to run health care facilities, there is very little publicity, but it feels very much like the NHS being steadily undermined and unpicked via the back door. I'm aware that Virgin Health Care holds increasing numbers of contracts to provide services, and that being so there are very likely to be other companies doing exactly the same thing. I know that workers within the NHS are unhappy about the lack of funds and resources and those that I know well are seriously concerned about the future well being of the NHS.....makes for a worrying future for those of us who rely so heavily on health care free at the point of delivery! :(

    Hope your appointment goes well.