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So a couple of wks ago i was feeling pretty sorry for myself and you guys all understood and i thank you all for that. So i now have picked up a 2nd hand scooter courtesy of eBay just plucking up the courage to go out on it!! Did anyone else feel a bit silly?? I know i need it coz i really struggle to walk - maybe am just worried wat people will think - why should i care - or is it coz they will probably stare like they do wen they see me n hubby getting out of the car with the blue badge - n then they see me getting my 2 sticks out n look away embarassed n i wanna stick ma tongue out at em n shout see i do need my blue badge ha ha
Have u guys experienced this kind of nastiness too amd how do u deal with it?? Xx


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    I'm pleased you're feeling better now. That's a very good thing.

    I think all of us, when using very visible 'aids' feel self-conscious at first. My very first time in a wheelchair, feeling an utter fraud, I was trying to be totally inconspicuous. This was tricky with my very garrulous 3yr old on my knee. He wasn't at all embarassed. He loved it and, when another wheelchair approached, he couldn't contain his excitement. "It's our first time in a wheelchair" he announced to the old chap sitting in his. "Is it your first time?" I soon got over it all, as will you.

    I don't think most people are nasty: possibly just curious. Let's face it, we often talk on here about misuse of Blue Badges. That means that we, too, are judging those using them. These days I don't care much who thinks what about anything, other than those whose opinions I genuinely value. The rest of the world can think what they like. It's not my problem.
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    My grandsons described my little scooter as "awesome" whe I firstused itwith them.
    It has been invaluable.
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