Anyone free

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Forgot all about my respiratory app its this morning at 11oclock,if all is well I will be discharged and only need go back if I have a problem.
Got a long sleeve top on high neckline too,sunscreen factor 50 with a 5 * rating ,bet it gets through.

How you doing Starburst been thinking of you.


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    Oh dear! Sorry I'm late and I do hope it went well and you kept your cool :wink:
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    Discharged from respiratory can call if I have a problem,result.
    No sun burn kept in shade as much as I could.This weather is not suiting me have little fat sausages for toes hands don't seem too bad. Stay cool everyone.Mig
    (got antibios and a spit pot just incase.)
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    Sorry I'm late MIg..such good news there for you, less appointments and the meds must be doing there job..or the physio ..I just cant stand this hot humid weather..not good on my take care x