Scooters 1st outing

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OK so I'm finally after about 10 days of owning it going to get the scooter out of the boot give it a bloody good clean and am going to test drive my new 2nd hand wheels.
I'm going to be soooooo self conscious buy hopefully I won't see anyone ha ha.
Hubby test drove it for me -just like he test drives all my wheels.
I should have maybe purchased a helmet and knee and elbow pads like you do for roller skates ha ha.
Hopefully I won't fall off it - wish me luck :D

Wobbly xx


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    My daughter and I still remember the first time I hired one for a trip to a shoppingmall...the highlight was my effort at shoplifting from M and S when a bra got caught round the back wheels.
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    Hi go girl..
    I have hired them in the past, and like you was felling has though everyone was staring at me..there are so many people using them now they are the norm..I never did master the 3 point turn in shops , so used to reveres out with the beep beep going.. :lol: good luck but you will be fine..
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    Hi Wobbly
    My husband test drives all my wheels as well :lol:
    but he wasn't in the shopping centre when I hired one of theirs for the first time :o
    These ones aren't the big ones like supermarkets have. They are a normal size....probably like yours and like the one I have now.
    The lady that hired it wanted me to do a test drive when she found out I hadn't driven one before.
    I drove a short distance across the car park and she said turn round. I looked at her and she was laughing....You don't need to do a 3 point turn, it turns on a 6p
    As I got closer to her she was still laughing. I asked her why?
    She said....."KEEP YOUR FEET STILL" :lol::lol:
    I was still driving my car......trying to do 3 point turns and feet going trying to use the clutch and brakes :lol:
    It worked out OK....just go for it you'll be fine.

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    Hope your enjoying your new wheels Wobbly!! Don't go running people over!! :o