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Hi, I'm Stephen, I'm 48 and I'm an alcoholic. Oooops, sorry, wrong forum.

I've been having hip and ankle pain for over a year, went to the doctor when it spread to my shoulders. Now have severe pain in wrists and fingers, which is a problem as I work in IT. Anyway, work has been very good, and I've had a workplace assessment (I work from home) - they've recommended a full support chair, arm supports, screen risers, foot rest, dictation software etc. Couldn't ask for more!

I've literally taken my first MTX dose yesterday and really hoping it helps. I'm a bit terrified about the side effects, but I'll worry about those if they happen!

Feeling a bit isolated because of the pain - this time last year I'd have thought nothing of walking 10-15 miles a day. Now I get a sweat if I think about walking 10-15 yards!

Really hoping I can get some hints, tips and advice from this group.


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    Hi Stephen,

    It's easy to feel isolated when you are restricted getting out. My thinking is that it's hard to chat with your work mates when working from home though I've no experience to go on there.

    You seem to have been well looked after by work and the NHS which is wonderful, we don't often get good stories here so extra good to hear yours.

    I'm thinking you might have rheumatoid arthritis- because you are taking meth, here's a booklet produced by arthritis care about RA


    If that's not you just let us know what type of arthritis you are living with and I'll see what I can find!

    Have a look round the forum and do join in anywhere you feel tempted, you will be made most welcome - and you won't be lonely

    Looking forward to seeing you around,
    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hi there Stephen. You are, unfortunately for you, on the right forum but the arthritis might yet drive you to drink :wink:

    You have a great, positive attitude will will be an enormous help to you. It's really good that your work are being so supportive but good, too, that you can appreciate it.

    You write of methotrexate but don't say which particular member of the dysfunctional family of arthritis is your co-habitee. Usually methotrexate is prescribed for inflammatory / autoimmune forms but I know there are some experiments with using it for osteoarthritis.

    I'm a 'meth-head' too. I've taken it for my Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 17 years and it does a great job. I get very few side-effects. Occasionally I have a day of extra fatigue the day after taking it and i can sometimes get a few hairs on the pillow or in the bath but that's it. And it works. I'd just say do be very conscientious with your blood tests. They will pick up any potential problem before it becomes an actual one. I'd also say take it with at least a very small amount of food just to protect your stomach.

    You've hit the nail on the head re pain. It does isolate, especially when you are young. I am, alas, no longer in that category but I was diagnosed at 15 and, for younger people, it's tough. Nowadays, all my contemporaries have aches and pains too so they understand at least a bit but, when I was younger, it wasn't just the pain but the being out of the loop too.

    It's hard to give tips etc when we don't know exactly what's bugging you. So much to choose from :roll: Just ask away and we'll help all we can. 'Living With Arthritis' is the best forum for that as more people look in there. The best general advice I'd give to anyone with arthritis is 'adapt and survive'. It's helped me have a good life despite everything.
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