OA spine Pain in shoulder

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Hi this is Lionlover.
I am 59 and was recently diagnosed with OA of spine.
I have experienced pain in back neck hips and legs and arms since last September.
I have only had lumbar region xrayed up till now
I went to 2 Sports days last week ( grandchildren ) and have suffered since !
For the last 2-3 days my shoulder ball/socket joint has been excruciatingly painful and throbbing. I cannot use my arm and I have been on Cocodamol around the clock.
I have never experienced pain like it, except for labour pain obviously! .
Does this mean I have OA in shoulder?
I will see my Dr ASAP anyway and ask for more
Thanks for listening
Advice welcome xx


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    Hi LionLover,

    Lovely to meet you. I've deleted your post regarding lack of replies to this thread as it was posted in the Say Hello forum area and so a bit difficult to track down the link to this post.

    There are fewer member using the site at weekends, and your post was only posted around 7pm last night - you are definitely not being ignored!

    I notice that you've been diagnosed with OA of the spine, this can cause pain in a variety of places so it may be that it is causing your shoulder pain too, as you say your GP will be able to give you better information than we can. Posture is also important - maybe you could get a referral to physio who will be able to help there.

    I'm a grandma too (Mam gu in my case) so I know the desire and frustration you will be feeling. Mine now understand I can't do floor things as I have poorly knees, which is enough for them to know, so we have a big low table which works for floor jigsaws and other activities, and they are very considerate when we are out - holding my hand to look after me and get me across roads safely!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the addiction to co-codamol. Don't take more than the recommended dose, again chat to your GP. I take stronger meds, I take a regular dose as maintenance and then add in paracetamol for that bit extra. That works for me because my regular meds aren't paracetamol based but wouldn't work for you as co-codamol is.

    You are learning to pace yourself which is essential to enjoying life, here's a booklet on living with osteoarthritis in general which has ideas to help yourself live well


    I'm sure other members will be along today or tomorrow, do join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Thanks for the reassurance and advice Yvonne. I realised my post was in the wrong forum but didn't know how to correct it. Thanks for doing that. I'm a bit tired this evening, I think things have taken their toll a little.
    Just wanted to say thanks.
    Best wishes, L/L
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    Hello lionlover and welcome from me too. I'm afraid I can't help much as my spine is, broadly speaking, OK. As OA does like to travel it might well be that you have it in your shoulders but, equally, if you've been overdoing things, it could just be referred pain from one of the joints where you know you have OA. Unfortunately, we can't diagnose. Your doc will help there.

    Shoulder pain can be pretty rough. Sometimes a sling can help if only as a sort of visual aid to ourselves not to move it.

    Learning what we can do and how we can do things does take time. We learn how to prioritise and make the most of what we have. Sports days are very exhausting and, when my sons were young, always seemed to be held on cold, windswept fields. I learned to take a chair and have plenty of extra clothes to hand. My two grandsons now love riding with me in my wheelchair. Life changes but it is still very good.

    I do hope you've been able to rest up a bit and the pain has eased somewhat. I also hope the doc can help.
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    Hi lionlover
    I too have oa neck spine hips feet n carpal tunnel both arms. A visit to the gp will get u some stronger pain meds i take codeine 30 n paracetamol 500 on a daily basis some days i max out on 8 of each other days i may only have a couple so even after being on it for a few yrs i can still vary the amount i have occasionally i have none - I'm not hanging out for my next fix - if u see wat i mean so dont worry about becoming addicted if u need the pain relief u need the relief. Your gp will monitor you too and you'll have a review from time to time abt your meds.
    I also am a great believer in heat for pain i have several wheat beanies that you heat in the microwave i slap these on wherever I have pain, if u can get in a warm bath that helps too - i wish i could bathe again i loved a bath so relaxing - ahhhh those were the days :D any way the beaniea are available cheaply from places like BOYES OR BODY CARE OR SAVERS ABT £3 in those places. If u look on somewhere like amazon you can get specific ones for the neck and back and knees they are more expensive but are another option you can also get electric heat pads - haven't tried these myself YET!!! The heat pads u can stick on are great for days out or work days - try the £1 shop or TROTTERS TRADERS - if u have one for cheap one s theyre just as good as the expesive ones.
    Others use cold for pain relief a bag of peas or a freeze spray - not me tho i use heat.
    Its just abt finding wat will help u.
    Its abt learning to rest wen u need to and learning your limitations and learning to say no and finding other ways to do things. Its not always going to be easy and others around you may or may not understand but you've found this forum just like i did which is great coz we understand and can sympathise and offer words of comfort and just maybe help u a little bit sometimes!!
    Take care
    Wobbly xx
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    Wobbly wrote:
    if u can get in a warm bath that helps too - i wish i could bathe again i loved a bath so relaxing - ahhhh those were the days :D

    I have a bath lift, Wobbly. (Please forgive me if I've mentioned this before and you have no room for a bath.)
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    Ah lionlover you do sound to be suffering :( I hope you have been to your GP by now so you will know what is happening with your shoulder soon.

    Shoulders are a terrible place to have pain I know as my youngest, (19), just had her shoulder replaced in January this year, but now - she can wave it in every direction - pain free :D

    Seriously though the Dr might send you for an ultrasound and an xray. My daughter had both. The ultrasound looks for things like torn ligaments/muscles, the Xray the actual bones. Finally she has an MRI and a CT before her surgery.

    As Yvonne said it might be to do with the OA in your spine.

    Maybe your GP will prescribe a course of physio for you as well as painkillers.

    Best of luck

    Toni xxx