Had stairlift problems again!!

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Hi all, the beginning on the week one of the arms on my stairlift stopped working again, so called the store I got it from and they said they would send an engineer out for me. The chap who came knew it was the 5th time in less than 12 months this happened and he also knew it was a fault on the design of stairlift. So when he arrived he offered me a new chair that was different to the chair I already had but didn't have wiring in the arms. Or he would fix the wire and have to come out the next time it happened and he would have to charge me a £70 callout charge every time he came out as my Warranty is about to run out. Well it was a easy choice, the new chair! It's a better chair than the old one more comfy. So hopefully fingers crossed I will not have the problem anymore and only see the chap when the lift needs it's M.O.T.


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    I hope so, bubbadog. We are so reliant on these mechanical things.
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