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Hi folk been a member for a while but this is only my 2nd post as being new to laptops and also 83 have found it difficult using but believe I may now have mastered it. I asked in my last post if any sufferer had found a natural remedy for easing arthritis? I have researched it and found some seeds ect; that are supposed but because I have Diabetes and Angina I'm not able to use the, so has anyone got any ideas that will help me. thanks in advance, Celtic


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    Hello celtic and welcome. :)

    You seem to have got the hang of things very well so well done you!

    On the whole, the jury is out on most 'natural' therapies (There are, alas, no cures :roll: ) but some seem more effective than others. ARUK, a very trustworthy site, has this to say about them

    I know, from what you say, you'll be very careful about trying anything new. Your local pharmacist would be able to inform you of any possible interactions.
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    Hello Celtic and welcome to the forum
    I am a great believer that there is some sort of natural medicine out there that will help, but I have tried many and sadly none have helped..but we are all different..glad to hear that magnetic bracelet helps you... :)