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HI again, don't know if it will be any help but just over a year ago my daughter bought me a bangle from a show at the N,E,C. Birmingham for my left hand which I could hardly use, and since one of my hobbies is both wood and stone carving I found I could not hold my chisels safely so had to stop doing them but a short time (a month or so) I was back in my shed chiselling like a madman my left wrist is a lovely shade of green that I never try to wash off and the pain is almost nonexistent its my knees and hips that play up, wish they made a bangle big enough for my waist and knee, if you get the chance to buy one don't buy the cheap ones I did that a long time ago and they don;t seem to work good luck Celtic


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    Hi there. Sorry to hear about your problems with your wrists. Can I ask, are you left or right handed? I am left handed and have problems with my wrists, mainly my left. I have always enjoyed knitting and sewing but I am struggling. It can be very painful. If these really work I may consider one. I also struggle to open bottle tops, especially milk and cleaning products. I am lucky my husband can do this for me. I believe there are products which can help with these problems.
    Good luck with your progress.
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    i now wear 3 copper bracelets!!
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    I have used copper bracelets and found them really good.Recently have bought what they call heel healers. They are copper that you put in your shoes.i have really bad pains in my legs and have found some relief which I am surprised about. Who knows in a few weeks might even be dancing lol babsb.
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    I am so glad you are finding the copper helps you :)

    It didn't help me even though I tried I just got a green wrist :(

    Do let us know if it keeps on working won't you?


    Toni xx