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I ordered a spinner (its all the craze) for my grandaughter but didn't notice that it was from China, purchased on 2nd May and end delivery date was 3rd July, it never arrived and I asked for my money back, it has been returned.

I have had the same problem with one or two other things, is this a new scam, if 10,000 people, across the world, buy and pay then the seller has a large sum of money deposited with them every day. They have freedom to use that money in any way they wish, buying selling or whatever, they then repay the money after three months to an unsuspecting buyer. A scam? Or is this how business is done now? A new loan system?

I will not order from abroad again. What do you do?


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    I always check the 'point of origin' whether on Ebay, Amazon or anywhere else but that is purely because I am impatient: I want my order yesterday :wink:

    I'm pleased you were able to get a refund - it isn't always as straightforward as it could be. DD
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    I once ordered some zip tag extensions from Amazon and didn't look closely enough to see they were coming from China. They took a long time (presumably by sea) but did arrive in the end and were OK. I do check more closely now, though.
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    I always check on online goods. You can often tell by the delivery date information (a very long time scale indicates goods from abroad) just before point of sale. Click on the seller details and/or shop front also tells you where the goods are being transported from.

    The only thing I have delivered from China are dogs being saved from the meat trade.

    So not so much a scam as attempts not to make it obvious.

    Elizabeth xx
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    I sympathise of course. This has happened to me in the past. But
    when ordering on the right hand side it tells you the origin and it's always best to order from a seller in the UK. It's unusual for an item never to turn up but If you don't receive an item or if it's faulty
    Ebay will reimburse your money.
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    Yes, you do get reimbursed, the point I was making, I've had it happen a few times lately and the delivery times are up to three months with no delivery. Meanwhile the ebay seller has X amount of money to use as he/she wishes, a cheap loan. Surely all the items aren't going missing?
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    Interesting thought there Airwave. Have you mentioned it to Ebay?

    I only ever buy from Uk after my daughter waited 3 months for something form China and also had to pay tax for an item from the USA :roll:

    Kids :roll:
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    The term a slow boat to China is very apt all be it the other way round i.e. from, I have ordered a fair few times from China and if the postage is low then rest assured it will be coming over inside a Connex container on a container ship so it's going to take weeks before you get it, I've actually ordered a large number of servos's for my model planes only for a month or more to pass and me forget then I've gone and ordered another lot. I kept both orders but never told the wife!.lol
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    Three items I have ordered never arrived from China, I doubt whether they were ever sent?