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Years ago I was involved in helping to set up a local organisation aimed at helping carers. I was also on their Board of Directors for a couple of years.

Because I've had such a change of circumstances over the last 18 months, I wanted to find something to get me out of the house for a few hours a week when I'm not at work. So I've organised to do some voluntary work for this organisation and am in the final throes of going through the preparatory processes.

Having been a carer myself, I know only too well the stresses and strains this puts on people. I also know a lot of carers never think of themselves as such and tend to take it for granted they should look after their partner/child/parent. I hope that my small contribution may prove to be useful to those I end up supporting, in whatever way. We'll soon find out!

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    Loads of different types of volunteering are available. Just go to https://do-it.org/ and type in your postcode to see what's needed in your area. I always found volunteering helped me to (a)meet interesting people and (b)feel I was contributing something to society in exchange for my benefits.
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