Athritis ,uncertainties , no answers

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I am a female 29yrs of age. I started having problems with my knees last winter .Where they would become red and feel like they are dislocating. ( they never really did just the feeling) . I ignored it . Summer came and went I felt fine . When winter arrived this year it all started again. But worse . I read about winter and arthritis and seemed to have figured that barometric pressure could have something to do with it? Nevertheless I went to a rheumatologist about 4 months ago , who did blood work on me. RF . Lupus . Autoimmune disease .You name it. All negative . Only thing they found was vitamin D deficiency .Then he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Treatment being anti- depressants so that I could actually sleep at night and painkillers. I had to revisit him after which he actually gave me a chance to tell him . About my knees how they become red and inflamed. This happens only at night ?? This has now moved to my feet as well. My wrists pain at times . My ankle become very sore . My knees make a sound like crushing glass. And I know for a fact that fibro is not associated with inflammation .But what now? I stopped taking the anti- depressants and painkillers because I don't see myself drinking them forever even if they offered relief . I now am battling to sleep at night with the immense pain . Could I just be a seronegative case ? What do I actually do now ?