Do you have one go to person?

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I've spent a year going from hip consultants, spine and head. I've had MRI on head, neck, hips and spine, all from different consultants. I've OA, DDD, curved spine and A few other things. So although I've been diagnosed I wondered if you all see one specialist? Someone who deals with the whole of you and not just one body part.

If so, who and did you have to ask your GP for a referral.


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    In my experience the one who deals with the 'whole person' is the GP.

    Time was, long long ago, when one saw 'an orthopaedic surgeon'. Now, as more and more knowledge is gained, they specialise in certain areas. For me, hips and knees are done by the same team but ankles are a different speciality and so are hands. I guess it can seem a bit frustrating but who wants a 'jack-of-all orthopaedic-trades' when they can have someone who has studied a partiocular area in depth?

    I see my GP as my 'go-to' person if things get complicated.
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    I've never thought that one person could deal with all my health issues, I feel better knowing that my rheumatologist is dealing with my PsA and fibro, my GP and any ortho I might see with the OA and my GP with my asthma and pain dullers. Everyone in any specialism has their own areas of interest, I see it like this: when I go to the dentist I don't expect him to cut my toenails, likewise when I have a pedi I don't expect them to cut my hair or my hairdresser to fill my teeth. It can make life a bit of a faff every now and again but I think it far better to see someone who knows a lot about a little rather than a little about a lot. DD

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