A frivolous question

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I have brought myself a dress :o now my legs are very and I mean very white and I know I can't do sunbeds and the like but what about false tan ?


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    I have the same problem, talk about sticks of celery!

    I use a product called Summer Body by Garnier. It is a moisturiser with a small tanning effect which builds up gradually as you use it. Pretty cheap and easy to find in supermarkets and chemists.

    Can I say how lovely it is to read a lighthearted enquiry which is not frivolous to me; I feel near to tears reading the news these days, every day. It's a relief to come over to this forum and get a dose of genuine community :-) Sue T
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    Hi Sue,Thanks for your reply,sticks of celery describes my legs to a T,I have something similar by dove but haven't tried it yet,tonight I will be getting rid of the hairs on my sticks of celery :lol: Mig
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    I've used the moisturising/tan combos before and they're OK - it might be worth doing a patch test first to check that your skin can tolerate it. Good for you, Mig - go for it! (says DD who has just had her hair cut to 1.5cms all over her bonce).