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Hello I am new to this forum but would value any help you can give me.
I am currently going through an unsettling time at work and have a meeting soon regarding a reduction in my pay due to a re-organisation.
I feel this is more to do with my health issues but being classed as something else for an excuse. I have had formal meetings about my sick time and after seeking advice from my union representative I was told any triggers relating to my arthritis should not be included as it is a chronic condition.
I spoke out at the meeting and was met with silence and never was it mentioned again.
Now out of the blue, I have had an email from management saying my grade has been reviewed and this will mean I will lose approximately £6000 per year and I am so upset and angry about this that all my motivation has gone and I feel anxious all of the time.
I am under a rheumatology consultant and on specific medications but feel like I have to prove my illness.
What advice can someone give me in preparation for this meeting because I will not accept the role I do which is effectively a demotion 🙁


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    Hello, I am sorry to read your news, indeed this must be a very stressful and worrying time for you which won't help your arthritis.

    I cannot help at all as I was fortunate enough to be self-employed but I hope others who are going through similar circumstances will see your post and reply. It may be worth your looking through some of the other titles on this board to see if someone in the past has been in a similar situation and what advice was offered to them. I wish you well. DD
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