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You might remember A couple of years ago I told you about Charlotte Henshaw who is a disability swimmer now in her early 30s she has changed swimming for canoeing and has this week-end won a silver medal so lets all cheer for Charlotte.

I would like to tell you all about my amazing niece Joy Pitts who as an artist makes pictures out of clothes labels,she did a portrait of the Queen,Jane Austin and was commissioned by Paul Smith to design a new logo for his fashion company,
please google her to take a look at her amazing work.Mig


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    Hello Mig
    yes I remember you saying about Charlotte Henshaw I'm pleased she has a medal.
    your niece Joy Pitts how pleased she must be.
    all the best to both of the lovely ladies
    Joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    I remember Charlotte too

    h020.gif canoeing now?

    Well done to her :)
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    Sounds good, using the upper body in another sport, good on her!
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    How brilliant is Charlotte such good exercise has well..and you must be so proud of your niece :D I will go and google her x
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    She has won a lot of awards has't she?
    Very nice and you have to do close up to see the way she as used the labels xx

    Elizabeth x
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