What a waste of ...

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.... chocolate. :roll:

A lorry on the A2 near to a huge shopping centre in Kent went up in flames 3am ish today. It was carrying a full load of chocolate bars. As a result, there has been the usual chaos which comes with this kind of incident, but the majority of the load has melted and is now all over the A2! What a waste of chocolate. :!:

Turn a negative into a positive!


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    Oh Grace can you imagine the lovely smell ... :D :shock:
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    If you want to smell chocolate, go to to York and stay near the Terry's factory, oh thought she had died and gone to heaven.

    GraceB- walking along the roads at 3am with a shovel was an act of determination! fsmile
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    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    1. My Dad lived, for all his childhood, near the factory.

    2. The only time he went out into the road with a shovel was after a horse and cart had been round. His beloved roses were worth the indignity :lol:
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