It's cold, wet and windy...

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Welcome to the school summer holidays!
Yesterday I not only needed the waterproof but also big scarf and fingerless gloves - and a change of socks and trousers when I got home. It seems as if the preceding weeks of drought are being paid back - and then some. Not good news for many farmers and growers.


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    North Wales has been in the mid twenties since last Saturday.Boiling
    with sun from dawn to dusk. 24C here as I type at 5pm.
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    Yesterday we had sun and 26 degrees too, but today....

    stair-rod rain :roll:

    Summer eh?
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    Well my bed is sinking, four of the little dears are bouncing on it! Oh its stopped.......and 3yr old is standing in front of me declaring hunger. They're supposed to be watching a dvd upstairs not bouncing and arguing.

    Walkies this afternoon!!! If the rain stops......... i hate school holidays!
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    Here in Kent it seems to have been wet for weeks now. We're nowhere near the point I'd expect to see a modern-day Noah getting ready, but this rain isn't helping my joints at all. But then again, the awful humidity that preceded this wet spell made my joints swell so I can't win! :roll:

    Mind you, my lawn is green again - couple of weeks ago it consisted of bare patches surrounded by weeds. Why can weeds grow in a drought but grass doesn't?

    I do feel sorry for anyone trying to keep children amused during the school holidays when the weather is bad, regardless of time of year.

    Hope your bed is still in one piece Airwave! I remember using my parents' bed as a trampoline when I was younger ...

    Turn a negative into a positive!