What mouse is best?

alyssanadine2 Member Posts: 16

Just looking for peoples opinions and experiences.

I am 27 and work full time in an office. I have had JIA since I was 12 however it has recently started in my right elbow and using a 'normal' mouse aggravates it.

I have now started using a different mouse where you move the ball on the side with your thumb to move the cursor around the screen. I think it's know as an ergonomic mouse.

This has been much better however I am only little so also have little hands and find that I'm over stretching with my thumb and do not want to cause damage in my thumb as well! I can't seem to find this type of mouse in a smaller size and have tried to see if it's available as a childrens size but can't see anything.

If anyone else works or has worked in an office can you please let me know what you used? My employer is more than happy to purchase one for me it's just knowing what to buy which will be suitable?

Many Thanks