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Well what can I say after having the longest break without a flare up we are talking at least 10 months! I had one start up a fortnight ago. I've even had a G.P out as it's been really horrible and he has put me on Oro-morph to help with pain. It's effecting both knee's, left shoulder, back, both hips . And weirdly my left ankle with the Enchondroma has swollen up as well, I'm not sure if that's part of the flare up or not. I've not been sleeping much even with having Oro-morph so been sleeping a little in day, I've been resting on my bed as well. It's made me really fed up and I've had a little cry now and again. I don't feel great knowing I'm having to take Oro-morph to deal with pain and will have to go cold turkey when I don't need it anymore. :cry: I just hope it won't last to long.


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    Sorry to hear this Bubba. I really hope that the Oramorph bring things back under control again as soon as possible!

    Would heat (or ice packs) help? Mind you, I suspect you've probably already tried those as you, like a lot of us on here, are an Old Hand at living with arthritis!

    Are you able to do anything as a distraction technique to try and focus on something else other than the pain? I'll keep my fingers crossed this flare-up disappears quickly.

    Take care,
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    Aw Bubba :( I am sorry you poor thing.

    I am glad you have the oramorph, but sorry you will have to 'come off it' too in the end :?

    Rest is all you can do and distraction - yes I agree with Grace and of course your puss-cats are the best distraction ((()))

    Toni xxx

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