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I have had a reassessment for a total knee replacement feeling a bit nervous any advise would be welcome :)


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    Hello Slim and welcome :)

    I'm an old hand at knee replacements so ask away if you have questions.

    I was diagnosed with RA at 15 and had both knees replaced when I was 35. That was 36 years ago and and I still have one of them though the other was replaced again about 7 years ago.

    I don't think there's any mystique to a successful TKR. If you have a good surgeon all you need to do is ensure you answer all questions fully and truthfully at your pre-med and then do the prescribed pre-op and post-op exercises. The post-op rule is to rest the joint, ice it (with a towel between the pack of ice frozen peas are ideal – and the knee) and exercise as much as you've been told too. I think some people probably walk too much too soon and exercise too little. It's not just about walking but also about getting the bend and being able to fully straighten the leg. (No comfy pillow under the knee :mrgreen: ) Mine have all been brilliant.

    Here's some info from the reliable Arthritis Research UK .

    Please get back if you have questions.

    And good luck if you haven't :D
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